Tomball, TX – Custom Truck Wrap for Local Cell Phone Repair Company CPR Improves Business

Tomball, TX – Custom Truck Wrap for Local Cell Phone Repair Company CPR Improves Business

One question we get asked often by our clients is how they can get more attention for their business. If the business already has sufficient signs at their location, then our response is typically to add a vehicle wrap to their arsenal of advertising.

When the owners of the Tomball location of CPR-Cell Phone Repair decided to wrap one of their company trucks, they knew that Monarch Sign & Graphics was the perfect choice to partner with after having seen wraps we had done for other local businesses.

During our initial talks with the local franchisee, we inquired about products and services they offered outside of cell phone repairs; as well as inquire about any other aspects of their business that would let us get to know them better (after all, great design requires a great relationship with our clients, and we are definitely a relationship driven company). During this conversation, we discovered they actually owned two locations, one in Tomball and one in the Westchase area of Houston. Knowing this, we made sure to include the contact information specific to the second location as well so they were able to get a “two for one” benefit on their advertising.

As CPR is a franchise, we began by reviewing corporate marketing requirements for fleet wraps and advertising, followed by reviewing previous corporate designs with the local owners to get a feel for what they did and did not want the final design to look like; with the power of the internet, we were able to complete this initial process with a conference call to one of the business owners, minimizing the time they had to be away from their daily operations.

Truck-Wrap-Installation-–-Following-Approved-Artwork     Installers-lining-up-graphic-elements     The-final-trim-details-make-all-the-difference-in-a-great-vehicle-wrap

With the concept of the wrap started we moved to the design phase of the project, creating a couple of options for them to choose from. While in design, we made sure to strictly follow the brand standards that were provided to us to ensure the brands integrity, as well as incorporate the contact information for the local store. The final design not only met all of the brand requirements, it also created a high impact visual attraction to anyone who sees it.

As you can see in the installation pictures below, our well trained team meticulously followed the design that had been approved; taking extra care to ensure all of the graphics lined up perfectly to guarantee the wrap looks as good in real life as it did on the computer.

And, after all of the efforts of our professional design and installation teams, the finished wrap is something that any business owner can be proud of! Clear and concise, the entirety of the advertising message can be seen at a glance and be easily remembered by potential customers! I think the picture with one of the owners says it all, along with an email we received from her shortly after she left with this beautifully wrapped Ford F-150 Supercrew

                               Subject: YAY!!!

                               Y’all did such a wonderful job! I am in love!

                               THANKS AGAIN!!!


 Attention-Getting-Wrap-for-YOUR-BUSINESS     Very-Satisfied-Customer-Compliments-of-Monarch-Sign-&-Graphics

Wraps are a great advertising option, allowing you to turn your vehicle into a dynamic rolling billboard, and after a matter of weeks your cost per impression is almost incalculable; making vehicle wraps, dollar for dollar, your most economical investment in your business signage and advertising.

Are you a business in need of additional advertising for your company? If so, a vehicle wrap may be just what you need to get to the next level… Give us a call today at 832.462.6872, or send us an email to, and let our dedicated team of professionals go to work for you designing the perfect vehicle wrap.

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Written by Monarch Sign & Graphics.