Make a Statement with your Business Signs

Make a Statement with your Business Signs

Business signs can do more for a brand than most business owners realize. They can reinforce the branding efforts you have already made and create a conversation and awareness about your company and brand. They can help your marketing efforts, let customers know where your physical location is, and also get the attention of passersby which can lead to better visibility and higher knowledge in the community of what you have to offer.

However, the wrong sign can hurt your company. If your signage is misleading or looks outdated, it can send the wrong message about your company. Signage is an immediate and direct product of your company even if you didn’t make the sign yourself. So how can a business owner use this to their advantage rather than their detriment?

The Egg & I - Franchise Illuminated Business Sign

High-Quality Materials

The last thing you want is to have the first impression of your company be cheap materials. If you have a dingy sign or use materials that are clearly cheaply crafted, it will send the message that your company is not concerned with details and is willing to sacrifice quality to save a buck. In most cases, the higher quality materials aren’t much more as an upfront cost. Even better, they tend to save business owners over time since there will be less maintenance needed. This means less time spent but a better product overall.

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Color can say a lot about a company. Not only does a good sign give an opportunity to reinforce your brand colors, it can show off your creative side. While most will want to lean toward sticking with the more basic colors, there could be a good opportunity to show off a large selection of colors. With a good design, colors won’t come off as too overwhelming. When it comes to window graphics, more colors can be a great way to make a punch and prompt passersby to walk in.

Logo as a Focus

Your logo should be the focus of all signage. It doesn’t help much if the person looking at the sign can’t tell what company it belongs to. Even further, it is a missed opportunity to make a business impression that can stick with a viewer. The more often a person hears your company’s name, the more likely they are to trust your company due to the inherent familiarity created.

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