Creating a Reverse Channel Letter Building Sign for Keystone Tutoring

Creating a Reverse Channel Letter Building Sign for Keystone Tutoring

Through a Google search, Keystone Tutoring found Monarch Signs while seeking the right sign company for a channel letter project. After looking at our past projects and reviews on Google, they reached out with their building sign issues. Keystone Tutoring, located in Cypress, Texas, is a tutoring service established in 2016 that strives to help students master reading and math skills. Students can attend up to three hour-long sessions a week for a monthly cost with no appointment necessary.

Reverse Channel Letter Fabrication

The main issue for Keystone Tutoring was the costs estimated for a very high-end sign type, a reverse channel letter sign. Compared to the more traditional channel letters, these are generally a high skill level signage type to create. They are made completely out of aluminum for both the sides and faces with a clear backing that allows the LED illumination that creates a cloud-like effect on the lighting. Not only are these made from more expensive materials, they are very labor intensive, which adds a lot to the cost.

Completed letter ready for paint

To solve their signage issue, our team suggested manufacturing the bottom row of text using flat-cut PVC rather than reverse channel letters. We consulted with the landlord for approval and came up with the perfect solution to get the illumination effect they needed for their business while meeting their budget restrictions.

Letter sign painted and ready for installation

For the backings of the letters, we used a clear polycarbonate that allows lighting in and emits the illumination from the rear of each letter. For that illumination, we used LED lighting. In illuminated signage, we recommend LED lighting since it is light on energy consumption and requires little to no maintenance, leading to an overall cheaper lighting solution. The non-illuminated letters were routes out of a 1-inch thick PVC sheet. Another unique aspect of this project was during installation. Since it was all new construction, access to the facility was limited and required coordination with other contractors to ensure the sign would be installed upon arrival.

Reverse Channel letter with Halo Illumination

Despite some logistical considerations, the project took six weeks from initial design to permitting with Harris County, manufacturing the sign, and installation. After installation, the client sent us an email saying, “Thank you for the great service and even better looking product! It has been a pleasure with you and I look forward to doing it again for our next location!” Our team looks forward to a continued relationship with Keystone Tutoring in their future signage needs.

Installed Building Sign


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