Exterior Signage Solution for Buyers Barricades

Exterior Signage Solution for Buyers Barricades

Monarch Signs met contacts from Buyers Barricades at a local community BBQ cook-off after work had been referred between the two companies. Buyers Barricade had outgrown their current location and were making the move to a bigger location, leaving them with signage needs to properly indicate their move.

Sign letters for building

The company had started in 1984 when Steve Buyers, who was a superintendent at Walker Construction, realized the need for competition among barricade companies. Within 24 hours of being left in the lurch for three days with no service, Buyers Barricade was formed with only a ’65 Chevy pickup, a 16-foot trailer, and a new look at barricade services. The company has the same focus on customer service and commitment as it did in 1984 and has experienced steady growth.

Completed monument sign

At the new location, there was minimal existing signage. Buyers Barricades was looking for high-impact signage both for their existing and potential clients. The goal was to help current clients find the new location while also increasing visibility for potential clients in the new area. To make a strong impact, our team used clear acrylic in carrying thicknesses to add dynamic and depth to the sign. We made a complete and cohesive product by matching the colors of the lettering to their specific logo colors. This made it obvious to existing customers that this was their new location while also making that big impact on potential customers using their own colors and branding.

letters in process

This approach to lettering was used both for the building letters and the lettering on their monument sign, which provided extra visibility for clients looking for their location. For installation, our team used a technique called “pin-mounting.” The process starts with studs being installed to the back side of the letters to be mounted. The studs are then installed and mounted to corresponding holes on the building. To secure the studs properly, our team used a high bond acrylic adhesive that would stand up against any weather ailments.

installing letters

After completion of the project, which always includes proper cleanup, we invited the client to take a look at the finished product. They were very impressed with the size of the sign and how visible it was from passing traffic. At Monarch Signs, our job isn’t done until we have a happy client with a clean site and a sign ready to bring in more clients.

finished building sign

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