Three Ideas to Update your Business Signs

Three Ideas to Update your Business Signs

When your exterior business sign has seen better days, it’s not always necessary to start over completely. There are solutions that can address the issues you are having from broken lights to a sign that looks outdated without starting from the beginning. Of course, starting anew could also be a great option, especially when you have gone through a rebranding or your images are looking like they’re from another decade.

Whatever your issues, there are three approaches that will leave your storefront looking refreshed, whether you want to work with what you have or start over.

Upgrade Old Styles

If your sign uses old technology, they can be retrofitted. This is particularly helpful for signs that are still using backlighting with neon or fluorescent lighting, but still have the look and feel a company enjoys. The old lighting components are taken out and replaced with longer-lasting LED lights that save on energy consumption and give a more consistent lighting effect. Even better, they are often brighter which will lead to much better visibility at night or on overcast days.

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Refurbish or Repair

If your sign is broken, you don’t necessarily need a whole new sign. Instead, look for services that fix what you already have through refurbishing or repair work. Faded out letters can be replaced with new sign faces rather than getting a whole new sign. In other cases, such as broken bulbs or panels, new components can be added once the old ones have been stripped away. This keeps the look you like while giving a fresher feel.


Remove and Replace

If your sign has a lot of problems, or you want a whole new feel, the existing sign can be simply taken out to give an opportunity for a fresh new look. Whether you like what you had and want to recreate it, or you have new branding you want to be implemented, our team has the experience to handle it. From removal to getting the new sign approved, we work from the beginning stages through clean up to ensure our customers get the best possible result. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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