Use Sales Questions at a Trade Show Event to Identify Leads

Use Sales Questions at a Trade Show Event to Identify Leads

When you get people to come into your booth at a trade show, your job has only just begun. After all, you don’t want to waste precious time at a sales event on people that aren’t ready to make a purchase or are only “window shopping,” so to speak. But how do you identify who is ready to make a purchase and who is just seeing what is going on at the event?

Using more traditional sales efforts can be invaluable. Asking the right questions lets your sales team know whether they should try to convert the lead into a sale, or if they should just explain the product and leave them with the right materials to later make the purchase if they so choose.

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What have you tried in the past? Why didn’t it work?

Whether you are selling a product or a service, customers will be interested in buying what you offer to address a specific need. Identifying their troubles in the past will better inform the conversation and make it easy to individualize their buyer’s journey. However, it will also clue you into how serious they are about purchasing your product. If they haven’t tried many products and can’t identify why they didn’t work for them, it’s unlikely they are trying to buy right away.

Do you have a specific budget?

From personal life solutions to business purchases, everyone has a price point. If their price point is far below what your services or product sells for, or they have no idea what the budget will be, they are unlikely to be a good lead. If they are unsure of what their budget would be, you can ask when they expect to know their budget and give them contact information along with any product describing collateral. This means they can contact you as soon as they know, and you will give a positive impression of caring about their budget and timeline, which looks good for your brand.

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What problem do you need addressed and what will happen if it’s not?

Getting to the core of why they are looking to buy and what will happen if they don’t address an issue will help you convert a lead into a sale while giving important information about the buyer. If there won’t be much consequence to not addressing a problem, it’s unlikely they are serious about a purchase. However, if problems will arise without addressing their product or service needs, you likely have a good lead.

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