HOUSTON TX – Custom Container Graphics for Site Utilities Company Double D Industries

HOUSTON TX – Custom Container Graphics for Site Utilities Company Double D Industries

Nobody will disagree that it is important to advertise your business… from your website and social media to your signs, advertising and promotion are key to success. However, this can prove challenging when your business is most visible when you are on location, such as construction sites.

This is exactly the dilemma that Double D Industries found themselves in. As a site utilities company, they are constantly working at different locations and knew they needed to advertise their business where their core clientele would come from. They investigated the use of traditional panel signs that are used by most construction companies and made the conclusion that these signs were too small and too easily damaged.

During further brainstorming sessions they found the perfect solution to their job site advertising needs when they developed the solution to address security issues for small equipment and supplies that were left on site, a 20 foot Conex container. After purchasing their containers and placing them on location the solution was obvious; put the logo on the Conex to advertise their business!

Conex Storage Container

To bring the concept to reality, they contact Monarch Sign & Graphics to create the solution. Meeting with the project manager we discussed the possible options; the first presentation was to create a large panel sign that would span the distance of the container and bolt them to each side, the second option was to create digitally printed graphics that would comply with the integrity of the company’s brand standards. Success!!!

With the solution created, we moved the project to the design phase. With no standard template available for this application, our expert design team created a template that will allow visualization of the finished product. The next step in the process was to overlay the company logo on the template to make sure it was as big as they expected and submit the art proof.

With all the required approvals in place the graphics were moved to final production. Using our environmentally friendly latex printer the logo was printed to high quality wrap vinyl followed by applying a UV protective over-laminate to resist fading and maximize the return on investment. To finish the manufacture of the custom graphics we used our wide format CNC plotter to cut the logo graphics with ultimate precision and then applied application tape to hold the finished product in perfect placement during the installation process.

Installation of Container Graphics

The containers were already on active job sites and could not be moved to our installation facility in Northwest Houston requiring the install to be performed at the construction site. Dispatching a crew of two installers to each job site, the graphics were applied in short order. And as a result of careful planning during the design phase of this endeavor, the final result was even better than our client was expecting. And at a towering 6 feet by 12 feet you can see these containers from space (well, not really… but they are pretty big).

Are you a site contractor or construction company that needs to pump up your on-site visibility? If so, Monarch Sign & Graphics is the perfect sign company to meet and exceed your expectations. With over a decade of experience on staff, in house graphic design, and full production capabilities you can be assured of professionalism in your design and a short turn around time! Give us a call today at 832.462.6872 or email us at info@monarchsign.com and let one of our experts start working on your transformation.


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written by Monarch Sign & Graphics.