MAGNOLIA TEXAS – Custom Window Graphics for Local Restaurant Tailgators Pub & Grill

MAGNOLIA TEXAS – Custom Window Graphics for Local Restaurant Tailgators Pub & Grill

What can be more frustrating to a potential customer than driving through a huge parking lot with multiple businesses and not being able to find the one you are looking for? Well, I am sure there are a lot of things more frustrating than that, but not while you are going through the episode…

Failing Window Graphics

Even though the Magnolia location for Tailgators Pub & Grill had traditional signage on the building façade, they found that most folks tended to look at the storefront glass when they were in the parking lot. They had used window graphics in the past to attract attention, but they were not holding up very well and were definitely not as vibrant as they would have liked.


Monarch Sign & Graphics was called in to develop the new theme of the storefront. To start the project, we reviewed their website to get a feel for their atmosphere, followed by an on-site meeting with the owner at the location to be transformed. Our design team provided several options that would achieve the goals of grabbing attention, presenting a fun and inviting impression, displaying some of their menu items, and incorporating their brand. Since we were already replacing the window graphics, Tailgators also had us update all of their entry door graphics as well to present a cohesive design to their customers.

The finished product met all our client’s expectations and then some. To pull everything together, the color palate was that of LSU to bring immediate recognition that this was a Cajun inspired restaurant. We added the alligator mascot from their logo to reinforce their branding, followed by using the same font from their logo for further brand reinforcement.

During the installation phase of the project, we began by removing all of the failing window and door graphics and preparing the glass surfaces for the rebranding process. To ensure a flawless installation and alignment, our installation crew used a wet application which allows temporary movement of the graphics. A few short hours later the project was complete. With visibility from across the huge parking lot, they have been extremely busy.

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Written by Monarch Sign & Graphics.