MAGNOLIA, TX – Custom Building Sign for Farmers Insurance – Patricia Brautigam Agency

MAGNOLIA, TX – Custom Building Sign for Farmers Insurance –  Patricia Brautigam Agency
A business with no sign...

When you business does not have a sign, it makes it very difficult for potential, or even existing, customers to find you.

It has been said that a business with no sign is a sign of no business; and truer words have never been spoken. A sign is your silent salesman, always on the job, always selling your business, and always attracting new clients… And that is exactly what the folks at the Patricia Brautigam Agency for Farmers Insurance in Magnolia knew to be true.

Having been in business for several years without effective signage, they wanted to improve their storefront appearance with a sign that would allow them to take their business to the next level.


While they were on a major thoroughfare, FM 1774 in the Magnolia Area, the configuration of their building provided some challenges that would allow the sign to be seen by passers-by so they knew they needed a sign company that was solution oriented… Enter Monarch Sign & Graphics. With our dedicated team of professionals, we embrace locations that are visually sign challenged.

Prior to our initial consultation with the agency we requested a copy of the Farmers Brand Standards to review and have a full understanding of the signage requirements. We reviewed and studied these and when we held the initial consultation we were intimately knowledgeable of not only the brand specifications, but the options available to them as well and were able to quickly move to the design phase of the project.

FIPB_Sign_Detail-Scaled-3-1 - Copy

While in design, we worked closely both with our client and Farmers corporate marketing to develop an absolutely perfect sign that would not only showcase their business, but also conform to the stringent requirements of Farmers Insurance.



With the designs approved, we move to the production phase of the sign creation; and due to the requirements of the standards this proved to be a tedious process. Working within the precise requirements for manufacturing the sign, we began with an 1/8” aluminum panel and overlaid it with a specific 3M white vinyl, followed by several hours of applying individual pieces of 3M translucent cut vinyl to create the logo image (as seen in the images below). While this is a painstaking process, the final result is a sign the portrays the exact color an imagery that creates their worldwide brand awareness, which has much more value than the cost of an individual sign.

Frame Fabrication 2Frame Fabrication 4



To create the frame supports that would hold the sign on the angled fascia wall, we utilized our in house fabrication department to manufacture a template that recreated the angle of the building front, followed by cutting and welding the individual components for the frame supports.



And as the finishing touch, we removed and refaced their tenant panels in the roadside pylon sign. As with the main building sign, the Farmers specifications required very specific 3M translucent vinyl. For this process we again laid the main background, followed by hand applying each individual color to create the perfect logo. After all of our efforts to complete the perfect sign for the Patricia Brautigam Agency, the results speak for themselves.

During a follow up conversations, we were told that they had several people stop in because they had seen the new sign and wanted to talk with them about insurance… The outcome, new clients that have allowed the agency to prosper! Your business needs effective signs to attract new customers and meet your growth expectations!

With Monarch Sign & Graphics’ ability to not only work within your brand standards, we provide innovative solutions to ensure invisible businesses become visible! Call us today at (832) 462-6872 and let one of our professionals get you started on your sign journey that will Transform Your Image, Make You Stand Out, and Get You Noticed!!!   Monarch Sign & Graphics… Transform Your Image, Stand Out, Get Noticed!!! Written by Monarch Sign & Graphcis.