TOMBALL, TX – Custom Reception Sign for Medical Facility Kindred Hospital

TOMBALL, TX – Custom Reception Sign for Medical Facility Kindred Hospital

Most of us have walked into a business and seen their logo prominently displayed behind their reception desk. Or in their conference room, waiting area, or some other highly visible, high impact area? These signs, most commonly referred to as Lobby Signs or Reception Signs are extremely powerful at reinforcing your companies brand and giving clients that “WOW” factor when they visit your facility.

That is exactly the statement that Kindred Hospital was looking for at their main entrance. With an otherwise bare wall behind their reception desk, it created a very stark welcome for their visitors and patients. By adding their logo in full color, and taking up most of the wall, they now have a much warmer first impression!

Lobby Sign ManufactureWhile this wall sign was created using acrylic that was custom painted to match their brands specific colors, there are many materials and options available to create that “one of a kind” look to give your business brand memory. From wood, to metal, to high end plastic; illuminated or not illuminated, there are materials and choices to fit any décor, and most any budget.

Typically, most folks want to know how exactly these types of signs are installed with such precision; perfectly mirroring a company’s logo, not only in the aspect ratio of the designs and text, but the alignment of everything as well.

While computers and specialize equipment gets us a long way, it is the artistry of both the graphic designer and the dedicated production team that really make these signs come alive.

While the entire process can be quite lengthy for a single article, we will look at one method of installation. To begin with, a pattern is required. This is typically made on a large plotter, similar to what architects use to create blueprints, we map out every curve of the sign elements. This then allows the sign to be put on the wall before it is actually put on the wall. The client is invited to look at the pattern on the wall and decide if that is the exact placement needed; a little higher, sure; a little more to the left, no problem!

With the location of the sign approved, the sign installer gets to show their craft. Carefully manipulating parts of the template to allow the high bond adhesive backing of the letters to stick to the wall and not the paper. With portions of the pattern removed, a keen eye gets the letter or logo part perfectly aligned; a little firm pressure does the rest and voilà! The first letter is up. Systematically working through the remaining components of the sign and a dynamic impression is made.

Reception Sign Installationwall sign alignmentLobby Sign TouchesKindred Hospital Tomball Lobby Sign

If you want to spruce up the way your lobby looks, give us a call here at Monarch Sign & Graphics, (832) 462-6872, and let us get started on your sign journey. One of our professional team members will be happy to visit with you to learn more about the project and fully understand your wants and desires! You can take a look at some of the other lobby signs we have done by visiting our website.

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