TOMBALL, TX – Custom Business Truck Wrap for Vehicle Warranty and Service Provider CoPilot

TOMBALL, TX – Custom Business Truck Wrap for Vehicle Warranty and Service Provider CoPilot
Unwrapped Truck - Passenger Side

LOOK! We wrapped the truck white! Oh wait. That is the before picture, sorry…

The owners of the local Tomball business CoPilot knew they needed to increase their visibility in order to attract new clientele. It did not take much market research for them to make the determination that, dollar for dollar, a vehicle wrap was the best way to get the most visibility.  With an otherwise nice looking Dodge Ram 1500 (all be it a bit naked), they made their final decision!

With the decision made, the search was on for just the right company to work with to make their wants become reality. Enter Monarch Sign & Graphics, known for producing high quality, high impact vehicle wraps.

We started with a consultation with one of the co-owners of CoPilot to make sure we fully understood the scope of the project and learn what the expectation of the end result would be. Throughout the design process, nothing was left unchecked.

  • Advertising a couple of their more prominent partners, a.Wrap Design
  • Detailing a few of their featured services, a.
  • Is the company name big enough, a.
  • Does it look like it belongs on a NASCAR track, double a.



Wraping at TruckNASCAR GraphicsWith the design nicely laid out and approved the next step was production, and to deliver the best you have to start with the best… Using only 3M wrap vinyl and our state of the art HP 360 Latex Printer, we printed all of the graphic images to our clients exacting specification. Following this, the prints were laminated with a 3M UV Protective wrap over-laminate. This helps to protect from scratches during daily use and slows the effect of the sun’s ultraviolet light from prematurely fading the wrap.

Cleaning and prep involved removing pretty much all of the Dodge Ram 1500 identifying badges. This not only allows for a smooth wrap surface; it makes sure that the vehicle identifiers do not detract from the message you are working to get out to your potential clients. For added wrap integrity, we also remove items such as tail lights followed by a thorough cleaning to remove road grime.

With the wrap installed, and the truck reassembled, we finish by doing a final cleaning on vinyl wrap material to reveal that showroom shine.

Beautifully Wrapped Truck     Fleet Wrap - Rear View

One thing that does set us apart from most other wrap companies is that we also provide our clients with care and use instructions. With these, you know how to take care of the wrapped surfaces to ensure the longest possible return on your investment. Coupled with a one year warranty on our wraps, you definitely have a winning combination!

Are you ready for dynamic advertisting that will drive your business (yes, puhn intended), then you have found your solution! Call (832) 462-6872 today and let one of our wrap experts make your business stand out.

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Written by Monarch Sign & Graphics.