Houston, TX – Elegant Truck Wrap for Plumbing Retailer Acero Bella

Houston, TX – Elegant Truck Wrap for Plumbing Retailer Acero Bella

When you have a business that makes deliveries it only makes sense to maximize your marketing dollars by turning your delivery vehicle into a rolling billboard; that is exactly the decision Acero Bella made!

Before Wrap 1Before Wrap 2Starting with the naked truck pictured on the left and right, and knowing that they would be doing a full wrap on their box truck, they began searching for the perfect company to partner with to bring it to reality. A few short clicks later and they found exactly what they were looking for, Monarch Sign & Graphics.

After initially contacting us, we provided them with a couple of options so they could determine what fit into their budget; their choice, a full vinyl wrap on their fleet box truck.

With the decision made, we began the design consultation phase of the project. They had previously purchased business cards and wanted to make sure the wrap matched the look and feel of this design in respect to color, font, and placement. With only a business card and their logo file to work with, we had our graphics department get to work.

To ensure the horizontal stripes of the background would maintain the same ratio, we used precision measuring equipment and a little bit of math to determine the correct percentages for each strip. With this, the rest of the design began coming together.

Truck Wrap OptionsAfter seeing the initial renderings, Acero Bella decided they would also like to wrap the cab of their Isuzu box truck in one of the background colors. A coupe of strokes in Adobe Illustrator and the design was complete and approved for production.

We printed the wrap onto high quality wrap material using our HP 360 latex printer and then applied a UV protective over-laminate. The over-laminate serves two purposes; first is to extend the life of the print by protecting it from fading in the suns UV light, the second is to protect from scratching.

With everything produced, we began preparing the box truck for wrapping by removing any items that would get in the way while wrapping (mirrors, air intakes, etc.) and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces with an alcohol based solution.

As you can see in the pictures below, the end result was quite stunning and fit well with the high end plumbing fixtures sold by Acero Bella and will look great when they are pulling up to their clients’ homes.

Truck Wrap 1-1     Truck Wrap 2-1     Truck Wrap 3-1

Whether you have one truck or a fleet of 100 (or more), Monarch Sign & Graphics is your best choice for transforming your vehicles and getting your business noticed. Vehicle wraps can be applied to anything from small cars to semi-trucks & trailers; and dollar for dollar wraps provide you with the lowest cost per impression over any other branding product on the market.

Are you ready for a full vehicle wrap, or perhaps a partial wrap? With our state of the art equipment, expert design team, and spacious bay, we can get you in and out quickly so you can get back to advertising your business. Give us a call today at (832) 462-6872 and let one of our dedicated associates get you started on your wrap journey!

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Written by Monarch Sign & Graphics