HOUSTON, TX – Custom Real Estate Signs for Real Estate Brokerage Keller Williams The Woodlands & Spring

HOUSTON, TX – Custom Real Estate Signs for Real Estate Brokerage Keller Williams The Woodlands & Spring

You’ve seen them everywhere, commercial real estate signs. While they may all look similar, they are definitely not created equal; from the initial design, to the manufacturing and installation materials used, all affect how long this type of sign will last. Here at Monarch Sign & Graphics we use only the best materials available to attain maximum life, and our expert design team is very adept at following your company’s brand guidelines to ensure compliance.

This was exactly the level of service that Keller Williams Realty of The Woodlands & Magnolia were looking for. There dilemma began when they had a sign installed previously at one of their commercial locations. The materials used in the original sign were not intended for long term outdoor use, and the installation methods used provide absolutely no wind resistance. To help solve their problem, they called on Monarch Sign & Graphics based on our reputation for quality and getting the job done right!

After receiving a call from one of their realtors®, we began by requesting a copy of their brand standards and their logo file. With a quick review of the specifications, we created a design that met all of the franchise requirements and submitted the rendering to our contact. His response? “That looks great! How fast can you get it up?” As we keep this material in stock, our reply was simple: “We will have it installed for you within 48 hours!”

We produced this real estate sign using digitally printed vinyl to ensure proper color matching for the Keller Williams logo. We then applied a UV protective over-laminate to extend the life of the sign and mounted it to a Medium Density Overlay Panel (MDO) which is a marine grade plywood product that has a weather resistant resin bonded to the panel to resist water, weather, wear, and degradation.

For the installation, we used pressure treated 4×4 posts with a three-foot burial depth set in concrete. The pressure treated posts ensure a long life with no rot and the burial depth with concrete guarantees the wind will not blow it down. The main panel was attached to the posts using exterior grade three-inch deck screws; the finishing touch was color matched screw covers we produced while we were printing the design. With these screw covers in place, the screws disappear and no longer detract from how great the sign looks.

Once this property is sold, they have the option to have us remove the sign and store it at our facility until the next listing is ready to be advertised.

Do you need commercial real estate signs and want to make sure the appearance represents the quality of service you provide to your sellers? If so, then look no further. Monarch Sign & Graphics is the best in the industry for providing you with the best real estate signs that maximize your return on investment. Give us a call today at (832) 462-6872 and let one of our professional associates get to work for you!

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