Custom Water Bottle Wraps – FIRST FINANCIAL BANK – Magnolia, TX

Custom Water Bottle Wraps – FIRST FINANCIAL BANK – Magnolia, TX

To support a fundraiser for the Magnolia Parkway Chamber of Commerce, First Financial Bank of Magnolia, TX decided to donate cases of water for the event to ensure all of the attendees would stay hydrated. With not enough time, or the need for minimum order quantities required by online retailers, they approached Monarch Sign & Graphics for help with developing a solution.

During a consultation with the marketing coordinator with First Financial Bank, we gained a full understanding of the size of the project, their vision for the finished product, and the requirements of their brand standards. We knew that we were the perfect sign company for their project!

Case of Water

We returned to our sign manufacturing facility to test the concepts that would bring this project to reality; we started by purchasing the same brand of water they would be using at the event and selecting several types of vinyl for testing. With a sample batch of decals printed for testing we applied them to the water bottles to test how well they would adhere to the water bottles.


Water Botle TestingAfter narrowing the options to just a few, we moved to the next phase of testing; submerging the wrapped bottles in a cooler full of ice to replicate what these wraps would be subjected to on the day of the event… During the eight hour testing process, we periodically removed some of the bottles to see how well the vinyl decals were performing. At the end of testing, we selected the vinyl product that performed best.


With all of the research and development completed for this project, we moved to production and printed the required amount of decals. To help minimize the time required for application of the decals, the vinyl that was selected also had a “block out” feature that does not let any images under it bleed through and become visible, this allowed the decals to be applied directly over the existing labels on the water bottles.

Before     After

As you can see from the finished product, the water bottles display the First Financial Bank logo very prominently on the water bottle and do a great job of reinforcing their brand identity and make sure they were able to stand out and get noticed at the event.

Water Bottles In Cooler

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