HUMBLE, TX – Custom Building Sign for Equipment Manufacturer TRCW

HUMBLE, TX – Custom Building Sign for Equipment Manufacturer TRCW

TRCW is a growing manufacturing company in the Oil & Gas Industry and recently added a new location in the Humble, TX area for their new CNC Machining Center. After they moved in, they began having problems with delivery trucks and customers not being able to easily find their location. During a process improvement meeting to solve this dilemma, they determined that a new building sign was needed to prominently advertise their new location. They naturally turned to Monarch Sign & Graphics based on our reputation of producing high quality signage and our ability to generate cost effective sign solutions.

During our initial consultation with the facility managers we surveyed their building for placement of the new cabinet sign, reviewed their brand specifications, and talked about what their expectations were for the sign. During this meeting they also let us know what their budget was so we could work within those requirements. With this information, we presented a couple of options for their new sign, one of these being to reuse the existing sign cabinet we had inspected during our survey and simply replace the insert with one that had their logo and address on.

We presented them with our estimate for this part of the project, along with other items that were needed at the new facility. This was exactly the solution they had been looking for.

To create the replacement sign panel, we increased the size of their logo as large as possible to achieve maximum impact and get attention from passersby. Another key component they needed on the sign face was their physical address; for this we selected a font and type size that would be easily readable from ground level. During the manufacturing process, we also applied a protective over-laminate with UV protective features to extend the life of the sign and maximize the return on their sign investment.

During the installation process, we removed the existing sign panel and any hardware that showed signs of fatigue and corrosion. With the new sign insert installed in the cabinet with new hardware, the folks over at TRCW can be assured of many years of sign satisfaction. As you can see in the photo above, the transformation was very impactful for their location; you can view the before and after pictures below.

At Monarch Sign & Graphics, our team excels at providing our clients with high quality custom signage. Our solution oriented approach enables us to get you the best possible sign. What can Monarch do for you? Give us a call today at (832) 462-6872 and let one of our expert team members get started on your sign solution.

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           “I just wanted to let you guys know what a great job you did on our sign, it looks

            really great!”

                      H. Leger, TRCW, LC 

  Before Resize After Resize


Written by Monarch Sign & Graphics