Trailer Graphics Custom Cut for Bayou Land Conservancy

Trailer Graphics Custom Cut for Bayou Land Conservancy

At an event hosted by the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce, we met Bayou Land Conservancy after they recently purchased a trailer to store their event items. Both of our teams saw a great opportunity to promote brand awareness for their cause. Bayou Land Conservancy is the leading conservation easement holder in the Houston region. The organization protects over 12,500 acres of land in the area as one of the most successful land conservation organizations in the state.

blank canvas trailer

The organization first formed in 1996 as a branch of the Bayou Preservation Association, which is a Houston-based group that protects the bayou systems in Houston. For the past 20 years, the organization has kept the land-water connection as a motivator of the lands they protect. With such a great cause and rich background as an organization, our team set out to achieve the aesthetic goals of BLC in their new project.

Cutting the Vinyl Wording For The Trailer Graphics

Our team has extensive experience cutting and forming vinyl lettering to trailers similar to the one BLC had purchased for their promotional events. For the project, we selected 3M’s IJ180 cast vinyl and their 8518 cast laminate. We chose this vinyl for its long-lasting and easily conformed properties. The laminate was selected to prevent small scratched and wear from cleaning. Additionally, the laminate has a UV barrier to help the graphics stay brighter for longer.

Printed Graphics Ready For Laminate

From conception to the end of the installation, the project was completed in less than two weeks. The design was a prominent display of the BLC logo with a mission statement and website URL beneath it for brand exposure on the back of the trailer and sides. The location and size of the logo made for great exposure with a simple call to action for passersby to learn more about the organization’s great work.

Placing The Graphics Before Installation

When our contact Suzanne came to pick up the trailer, she was amazed at how great the trailer looked and was impressed by how prominently the logo was displayed. The best part of the project was the smile across her face as she saw the vision she had for the trailer come to life. In every project our team takes on, a happy customer is always the goal.

Putting smiles on customer faces

Whether it is a simple vinyl lettering job or a full vehicle wrap, we put the same attention to detail in all of our work. If you have a project coming up that requires the expertise and attention to detail of a sign company, contact our team today to find out how our professionals can help.

Graphics Installed To Trailer

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