Designing New Logo Signage for Flowco Production Solutions

Designing New Logo Signage for Flowco Production Solutions

After being referred to Monarch Sign & Graphics by one of our great clients, Flowco Production Solutions came to us with rebranding signage needs. Flowco has locations across the map with the largest number of locations here in Texas. The company aims to safely maximize the effectiveness of oil and gas wells while also expanding their lifespan. They achieve this with high-performance artificial lift products, all made in the USA.

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When Flowco came to us with their signage needs, they had just gone through a rebranding process and had recently updated their logo. The first step of the process was getting the new logo on the storefront. However, Flowco also had another issue. As a company without a receptionist, visitors to their location were often confused as to where to go once they got in the building. Visitors seemed to be unsure of which door led to their destination. The company also had issues with unwanted solicitors at their business.

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Rather than adding more signage than necessary, we helped craft a design that added more text to the graphics to help with foot traffic while keeping all signage simple and easy to read. The biggest part of the process was ensuring everything was well-balanced and nothing was left out in the design. We added directional arrows with descriptors to show customers where to go when approaching the building. We also added “exit only” to indicate visitors were not to use that door to enter the building, leading to an easier navigational experience for visitors.

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On the front door, we crafted lettering to tell visitors where to check in and added no solicitors beneath, along with “vendors by appointment only” to help alleviate the unwanted solicitor issue. This was located under contact information for the company so potential vendors can still get in contact with Flowco for an appointment.

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We also added logo graphics inside the facility as part of the overall project. Our team added a 26” in diameter logo to their lobby glass and to their large air compressor holding tank. For the project, we used 3M’s IJ-180 cast vinyl with a UV protective cast laminate. Cast vinyl is more durable and therefore longer lasting. The material resists shrinking and cracking in order to maximize the return on investment. Additionally, adding the protective over-laminate helps graphics resist fading in the sun, leading to a more vibrant look for a longer period of time.

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After the artwork was approved, the project was completed in only three days. If your company has gone through a rebranding phase, contact our team. We have experience helping companies with their new logo and style get every important detail while considering their signage needs.

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