Design Elements in Window Graphics for Retail Promotions

Design Elements in Window Graphics for Retail Promotions

Window graphics open a lot of opportunities for retail stores. They can showcase sales, promotions or give more exposure for your brand. From getting attention from passersby to letting customers know the current sales, a lot can be gained while staying on a budget. Depending on the intent of the message, there are plenty of ways to use graphics to communicate with potential customers.

Keeping your intent in mind is an important rule of thumb. Without outlining what you hope to achieve ahead of time, creating graphics for a display can be overwhelming. Instead, consider what you want passersby to learn by looking at your window. If it’s the current sale, be sure to have your biggest sales prominently displayed. If it is simply getting attention for your brand, put your logo and company information at the center of the design. Be sure passersby can see a call to action, such as a website or social media account to look at.

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Once you know what you want to put on display, there are a few simple tips on design.

Get Interactive

While it may be a static image, there are still ways to interact and engage with those who see your display. Adding motion, such as moving character or directional images, can improve the look of a display while also getting customers to the door. Designing in a way that puts direction with your sales is one of the surefire ways to get someone in the front door.

Creativity is Key

While simplicity is good in design, being too simple won’t get attention. Sticking with bold text and little images works when you are putting long-term decals, such as store hours, a logo or contact information, but can fall flat for sales promotions. Using pops of color and larger images will be more interesting to look at, even for potential customers that had no intention of checking out your store.

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Lighter Colors Get Attention

Speaking of getting attention, lighter colors are more effective when trying to grab a passerby’s eye. Contrasting colors are key for these colors. By using brighter, lighter colors and contrasting them with dark colors in smaller volumes, your display will grab attention while also looking cohesive and easy to see and read. These are all vital when trying to promote a sale.

If you have a sale coming up and are unsure of where to start, contact us today. We have experience in creating dynamic window graphics for industries across the board.

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