Choosing the Right Three Dimensional Letters for your Sign

Choosing the Right Three Dimensional Letters for your Sign

Three dimensional letters are a common selection for building signs and for good reason. They showcase the name and look of a company without extra muss and fuss, all while having the illumination and non-illuminated options to make a fully customized sign. Even better, both options can be outfitted in any color selections, leading to an exact match to the logo specifications for each company.

However, the right three-dimensional letters make a huge difference. The type of sign, material, style, thickness and design makes a huge impact on the effectiveness and look of the sign. Depending on your goals and the specifications of your logo and lettering, there are a few types of three-dimensional letters to choose from.

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Two Main Types of Lettering

While there are many different types of lettering, there are two main types nearly all three-dimensional letters fall into:

  • Dimensional. This is what they are called when they are not illuminated. This type of lettering is bold, clear, distinct and the easiest to read. These letters can be used both as exterior signage and for interior signage, such as lobby signs.
  • Channel Letters. These are the most common selection when a sign will be illuminated. They are internally lit and have many different lighting effect choices to fit the needs of the business. This is a common choice as they can be seen easily both during the day and at night.

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Styles of Letters

Lettering for signage can also be done in different styles, making each sign unique for the brand. Some style options include:

  • Illumination. Signs can be lighted or non-illuminated in a variety of different settings to fit the look and feel of your brand.
  • Painted Finish. This style is done with acrylic letters to add durability and to customize the color to your brand, giving versatility to signage solutions.
  • Back Painted. For a more finished look, clear letters can be painted on the back in any color.
  • Laminate. Lettering can be laminated in metal or acrylic. These laminates add more dimension on a budget and give a more finished, pristine look.
  • Plaques. Letters can be installed on a plaque for a more unique style. These plaques can be made out of either metal or acrylic to achieve the right look.
  • Digital Print. Newer to signage, digital prints are being used to overlay signs to help with more intricate elements that are difficult to reproduce.

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