Custom Illuminated Lobby Sign for Abogado Aly, PLLC in Houston, TX

Custom Illuminated Lobby Sign for Abogado Aly, PLLC in Houston, TX

When Abogado Aly was looking for a new lobby sign for the law firm, he found Monarch Sign & Graphics through a Google search. After looking through our previous work, he decided he would go with us to create a new illuminated lobby sign. The client had a specific vision of a back lit lobby sign with his logo that represented the quality of his law firm and had been searching for a sign company that could bring that vision to life.

After speaking with other sign companies and explaining his signage needs, Abogado Aly couldn’t get a return call. However, when Monarch Sign & Graphics got the call, we knew we were up for the job. After the initial consultation, we got to work drawing up our plan of attack to create the best version of the sign as possible.

rendering of lobby sign

Creating the Sign

The first step of creating the sign was deciding which materials would achieve the best look. We decided on custom routed acrylic, formed aluminum, LED light modules and around 500 feet of wire. These materials were constructed together to create a one-of-a-kind illuminated lobby sign. However, the project didn’t come without complications and challenges.

routed letter

The biggest challenge in the project was the design of the letters. Unlike many of our other lobby signs, the letters in the logo are extremely thin. This made them difficult to redesign with consideration of the addition of illumination in the sign. To achieve the right look for the sign, we worked closely with the client at all stages. This helped us stay on the mark with the design to make changes to support the illumination. By working with the client, we were able to make the right changes to ensure we could use the illumination without straying from the original look and feel of the logo.

We also worked with more elements when creating this sign than we typically do with a logo sign, which posed other challenges. To make installation look seamless, each letter and element of the logo has its own wire that ran up to the drop ceiling. This is where the electrical connections were made to ensure full illumination of the lobby sign. This is the stage of the process that lead to us using over 500 feet of wire, which is atypical of a sign of its size. We were also able to use the unique feature of a high-rise that faces Interstate 45 near Wayside Drive, giving a lot of exposure to this unique piece.

finished lobby sign

The project only took a few weeks to complete after the final artwork was created and approved. After the sign was installed, we received an email from our contact at the company, “It looks fabulous! Especially when I drive by it at night!”

Ready to get started on a lobby sign of your own? Contact us today. We’re prepared to take on any unique challenge you might have in your signage solution needs.

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