Designing a Front Lit Channel Letter Sign for PostNet Tomball, TX

Designing a Front Lit Channel Letter Sign for PostNet Tomball, TX

At a local networking event, our team at Monarch Sign & Graphics met the owner of PostNet Tomball. Up until the event, PostNet Tomball was only able to find corporate suppliers. Eric, the owner, was excited to find a locally owned sign shop as a local business owner himself. We discussed our capabilities at Monarch Sign & Graphics for a few minutes, after which he knew he had found the right sign company for his company’s needs.

preparing channel letter sign installation

Before starting any project, we always start by discussing our abilities and what the company is looking for in a sign company. By starting off with a personal consultation, we’re better able to meet expectations before the first considerations for the signage are even made.

Channel Letter Sign

channel letter

For the project, it was decided a front lit illuminated channel letters sign would be the best option to get the most exposure for the business. These letters are mounted onto a raceway to achieve their look. We crafted the letters with aluminum returns, which are the sides of the letters. The backs were custom-made with an acrylic face.

assembling channel letter sign

To get the most out of the investment and lower monthly electric bills, we used LED lighting for the illumination. Compared to neon, LED lighting uses 80% less electricity. We also recommend LED lighting because it is known to be virtually maintenance-free, leading to lower costs and time commitment for our customers overall.

inspecting channel letter sign

Mounting the Raceway

With every signage project, there are unique challenges. For these channel letters, the design of the store front posed the biggest trial. In the middle of the storefront was a wide brick column. Due to this obstacle, there were only two options: make a small and less effective sign or get creative about the installation of the sign.

channel letter sign

Our team put together a notched raceway to alleviate the problem. The raceway is a long box to which the channel letters are attached and also houses all the electrical components for the sign. To make the sign work, we made the raceway deeper than usual, which allowed us to notch the raceway while keeping it as one piece. This meant we were able to make the most out of the available space, delivering a stunning sign for the client.

channel letters illuminated

This solution made the project a little longer due to manufacturing that was required after PostNet approved the artwork. The sign was installed about five weeks after approval. During the project, we worked with the City of Tomball Building Division to ensure everything was approved, permitted and up to code. After everything was completed and Eric was able to see it fully illuminated, he commented the sign was the best looking and brightest in the strip center.

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