Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Trade Show Event

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Trade Show Event

Getting ready for a trade show can feel hectic. From creating an engaging trade show display to how you will interact with attendees, there is a lot to account for. Being ready for the networking opportunities could be as simple as asking yourself the right questions while you prepare.

By asking the following questions, you will have a bit of an edge over the competition and attend the event with confidence.

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Do You Know the City and Venue Where the Event is Being Held?

Knowing the rules and regulations of the venue ahead of time will make preparing your booth much easier. It also pays to know the city you will be staying in. These two aspects could wind up saving you money and lead to a more effective budget. By researching the city ahead, you can find the best deals on hotels and other travel arrangements.

The rules and regulations of the convention can also save you money. For instance, if a venue does not permit signage above five feet tall in a particular area, you could wind up needing all new signage if you mistakenly make your signs five-and-a-half feet tall. This could be costly and is easy to plan around.

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Have You Utilized Social Media for the Event?

Keeping your existing customer base informed about your event has many benefits. However, the biggest benefit is having people seeking your booth and creating a crowd. In trade shows, crowds beget crowds. This is because psychologically, we assume that a crowd means there is something worthwhile at the booth since others have taken the time to stay. This small psychological trick can lead to a significant bump in exposure.

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How Do You Plan to Measure Your Success?

While counting leads is certainly an important metric of your success, there are others to consider such as impressions made. But how does one track impressions in a physical location? You can work with those running the event to find out how many people entered from a door that passed your booth or other numbers that could indicate how much exposure you received.

This is important because while getting several leads on the spot is great, making an impression can lead to exposure and a sale down the line. The ten leads you think you made might not pan out but the thousands of people who passed your booth have already lead to a worthwhile investment compared to traditional advertising.

Have an idea for your booth? Contact us today. We’ll help create your vision from start to finish to ensure a successful display.

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