Why Renderings and Proofs are Important for Business Signs

Why Renderings and Proofs are Important for Business Signs

After designing a sign, a good sign company will send a rendering or proof of the signage. In the proof, it should be a superimposed image of the sign on the building or wall as it will appear in true life. However, many are unsure of what to do with this rendering when it is the first sign they have ordered. Proofs and renderings give a true image of how the sign will look once installed.

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However, there are some key factors to look at once you receive the proof, and a few tips to ensure you get the sign you designed.

What to Look For

You have received your proof and it looks great, but what things are you looking for in the image?

  • Spelling. One of the most important things to check is spelling. This is the last chance to make sure everything appears as it should. Having an “a” rather than an “e” is much easier to fix at this stage than later on after the sign has been constructed.
  • Contact Details. If your signage includes your contact information, it’s important to ensure it’s accurate. The wrong number in your extension or a misspelled URL won’t be helpful in gaining customers with your sign.
  • Text Size. Now that you see the sign superimposed onto the building or wall, does the size match what you were hoping for? In some cases, the height could look better in theory than in practice, which is one of the main benefits of a rendering prior to sign creation.
  • Color. Not all renderings include color. If you have specific colors in mind for your branding, be sure to ask about the color selections at this stage, even if you have already chosen them. This is the perfect time to go over those small details.
  • Check with your Audience. While it isn’t necessarily advised to walk around town with your rendering, it can be helpful to ask someone for a third party opinion. Friends and family are perfect for the job. They have knowledge of your company but have less bias since it’s not under their ownership.
  • Print it Out. This is a good tip for any proofs or rendering, whether it is a sign or a print job. It’s much easier to catch mistakes when you are holding it in your hands.

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