Add More to Your Office by Naming Your Conference Room

Add More to Your Office by Naming Your Conference Room

After painting, furnishing, and decorating a new conference room, you might think your job is done. However, the detail of naming a conference room can go the extra mile in making the space part of your office. While many default to Conference Room B or similarly themed names, having a little creativity can make the room into an extension of your brand.

Deciding to use a standard name for your conference room is a missed opportunity in creating more company culture and showing off your creative side. Instead, a few quick tips can lead to an innovative and fun name that reflects your business.

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Related Theme

Your business has its own unique market. Whether you resell computer parts or sell yoga equipment, you have already done the research on your niche. Why not use that research to make a more thematic conference room name? For instance, a company that focuses on car parts can base their conference room name after their own terminology. Calling a conference room you regularly meet in about your online store could be called the Marketplace or the Supply Room. This adds a bit more intrigue while also better describing what is done in that room.

Take a Vote

The staff of your business was hired for their expertise and innovation. They can use those same skills and also feel they have more of a voice in the culture and workings of the company. This will put more embers in the fire of creativity and lead to a much more creative name. If anyone knows your company and market, it’s the people who work there every day. Even better, the people who get the most use out of the space will have a say in how it is named and presented.

Digital Inspiration

Whether you take a cue from Twitter or get inspiration from blogging tools, having a more digital-based name for your conference room can be a modern twist. If you have a more digital presence, adding a hashtag to the front of the conference room name is a fun way to add more personality to your office.

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Location, Location, Location

If you have a great view out of the window of the conference room, look at what you see. Naming the conference room after the landmarks in its view can make it more clear which conference room or space is being referred to while also staying unique. If you have an office in New York City and the conference room oversees the Brooklyn Bridge, there will be little to no confusion when you refer to the Brooklyn Bridge Room. At the same time, it is far more creative and engaging than a generic name.

Mark the Room

Once you have the conference room name to fit the bill, it’s time to create a sign. Having an experienced team design the sign for you will help better indicate which room is which. Our team has experience working with an array of sign solutions. We take pride in creating engaging signage solutions that get people where they need to go. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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