Creating Illuminated Building Sign for New CraftHouse Grill in Cypress, TX

Creating Illuminated Building Sign for New CraftHouse Grill in Cypress, TX

CraftHouse Grill has opened a new location at 12910 Malcomson Road, Houston, at the former site of Kilburn’s Tavern. The restaurant boasts options in craft burgers and beers, aiming for a relaxed neighborhood environment.

For the new location, the team was looking for an illuminated building sign. The first step of the process was removing the existing Kilburn’s Tavern & Grill sign. Once our professional installers had removed all elements of the sign, we completed an in-depth survey of the building.

Building Sign Installation Final

The site survey is one of the most important steps in creating a new sign that is built to last. Our team took measurements to properly scale the building to size, giving a much more accurate idea of how to create the proposed sign. At this stage, it is also advised owners of the building consider giving a fresh coat of paint to the building. This helps keep everything consistent and gives a fresher end result.

New PVC Sign Accents

For the new sign, our team recommended individually mounted channel letters that use internal LED illumination. Our LED solutions have been known to reduce energy consumption by 80% while remaining virtually maintenance-free. To get the most use out of the sign, we fabricated the sign with all aluminum construction and used acrylic faces. The aluminum is known for its ability to stand the test of time without rusting or corroding, leading to many years of use.

New Electric Sign Installations

To achieve a professional and clean look, our team ran all the wires from the inside of the letters through the face of the building. The holes created to allow the wires to run through the face of the building are sealed with weatherproof silicone, which helps keep the building sealed off from outside ailments.

Partner with Us

When we take on a new client, we make sure we deliver exactly what they are looking for. We take the digital proofs we create based on their specifications then have it approved directly with our client. These digital proofs are superimposed onto the actual building, then the proofs are drawn to exact scale. This means we get the perfect result every time.

New Custom Illuminated Channel Letter

As a licensed sign contractor, we ensure our clients are up to code. We work with the local code enforcement agency in the vicinity of the building and secure the necessary permits. Our team took the necessary steps to ensure CraftHouse Grill doesn’t incur any legal fines with an illegal sign and will put the same knowledge and dedication to work for you.

Contact us today with your next project and our professionals will get to work for you. Our team understands how to guide new clients through the steps of a brand-new sign, along with the experience to help clients undergoing a rebranding or moving to a new site.

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