Graphic Images and Sign Clarity in Business Signs

Graphic Images and Sign Clarity in Business Signs

Optimal signage can be as simple as finding the right images to complement your wording. Having graphic images can drive up intrigue and make for a better long-term investment in your business signs. Whether you are adding a logo box to a channel letter sign or designing a lightbox sign, images can communicate a lot about your brand while best utilizing the space you have.

Text is important. Having your business’s name easy to find is imperative to bringing customers in that are looking for your location. However, images can be the tool to get potential customers in the door. Someone who is looking to have their computer fixed is far more likely to choose the business with a computer in its sign. This is because it is an obvious and predictable connection.

While color, design and shape options are virtually endless, there are some quick tips to make choosing aspects of your signage much easier while remaining on point with your branding specifications.


Graphic Images

In a study conducted at the University of Cincinnati, there was a poignant survey question regarding signage, aesthetics and the layout of signage. When asked if they prefer signage that uses both words and non-verbal images, symbols or icons, the majority answered they agree (47.9 percent) or that they felt neutral (44.2 percent) with a small margin not preferring such signage (7.9 percent).

The study overwhelmingly supports the use of graphics in signage.


Graphics Support Clarity

Using a graphic image may actually help with signage clarity. Having good clarity is one of the top goals of signage whether you are talking about how readable the font is or how obvious the message of the sign is for onlookers. However, for these graphics to be effective, they should be closely related to the primary function of the business.

For instance, if your store sells technology and also fixes technology some of the time, it doesn’t make sense to use a graphic that implies the business is a repair shop. This is because the primary function of the store is to sell the technology. Repair is actually a secondary service offered but is not how the company primarily makes its sales. Misleading signage could bring customers into the store, but it is far less likely to retain those sales since they appear to be a misrepresentation, leading customers to believe the business is not trustworthy.

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