HOUSTON, TX – Wall Murals Set a Standard for Brand and Aesthetics!

HOUSTON, TX – Wall Murals Set a Standard for Brand and Aesthetics!

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Product: Wall Mural

Location: Houston, Texas

Client: Monarch Sign & Graphics


Wall murals have the power to make a waiting room comfortable, an office motivating, and a store exciting. With wall murals, the possibilities for customization are not limited by materials or equipment. They are high resolution marketing tools that exceed expectations!


Wall murals that are designed, constructed, and installed by our team are printed using our Latex HP 360 Printer.  Installation of these graphics is tricky, but our experts are able to line up the panels with the precision needed to make an effective eye-catching mural. The final result is a bold visual image that displays the exceptional quality of signage that we offer. You can see an example of this in the image above!


Wall murals are becoming more and more popular as the high resolution images become more vibrant, and the products become more versatile. Our wall murals are safe to use without damaging underlying surfaces, yet will last for the duration of your needs. Durability and convenience all in one, yes please!


There is nothing more beneficial to a business than a productive and affordable sign investment. There are so many products that are available to meet your advertising needs from interior signs, exterior signs, and mobile marketing. We believe in taking your sign options to the next level using the latest technology, original designs, and premium components. By utilizing personalized signage, you are making a memorable statement of your business, and brand, that the community is not going to be quick to forget. Reach out to us today, and we will share the many rewards available to your business with one of our custom sign packages.


Are you interested in learning more about the advantages of wall murals, and how they can be customized to fit your business’s particular needs? Would you be interested in seeing examples of the type of murals that we produce? Contact our team today!


Written by: Monarch Sign & Graphics – Houston, Texas