Effective Event Retractable Banner Sign in Houston, TX for Shredding On the Go

Effective Event Retractable Banner Sign in Houston, TX for Shredding On the Go

Retractable Banner-Renee

Product: Retractable Banner Signs

Location: Houston, Texas

Client: Shredding On the Go



The most important part of the process when investing in a marketing tool, is finding the sign that compliments your business’s specific needs. At Monarch Signs & Graphics, we want our clients to find complete sign solutions, and that is why our team will provide an in-depth consultation to match your individual goals. When Shredding On the Go was in need of a custom sign for the use of trade shows, conventions, and similar on-location events, our team was prepared to find them the right sign for that goal!

A retractable banner sign was a great fit for the needs of our new client, and we were thrilled with the opportunity to show off our skills at making a brand cohesive product. The sign was completed using high quality materials for durability. The sign itself is very efficient for traveling to any event, as it rolls into its protective aluminum casing. It is lightweight, and can easily be put in the backseat, trunk, or even luggage compartment of an airplane! The set up is very fast, and the take down is just as easy. No matter what business or industry you are a part of, this sign is a great choice!

In the image above, you can see the satisfied customer standing next to the completed retractable banner sign. The images were printed in a high resolution for a crisp image, and the color use is vibrant for grabbing attention. All of the information that was displayed is in precise font that can be read from many distances. If you are interested in seeing more examples of our retractable banner signs, come into our showroom in Houston, TX today. .

At Monarch Signs & Graphics, we want your business to have a premium product that will effectively meet the marketing goals of your company. Your sign and graphic investments should be precise representations of your business brand, aesthetic, location, and advertising aspirations. Our team offers free estimates to ensure that these goals are met effectively, cost efficiently, and with longevity. Come to our showroom in Houston, TX, and we will share the examples we have on the sign packages your business needs!

Would you like to learn the specifics of the project completed for Shredding On the Go? Do you have questions about the retractable banner stands that we offer? Contact our team today at (832) 534-3150, and we will start you on your next custom sign journey!